Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Watching my Kids

I am back home at 6 pm. Is it the same routine or something new.
Nate and Aish was awake by the time i reached home. Aish jumped into my arms. I could feel the small girls love towards daddy waiting for the whole day. So where is Nate he is not near to my inlaw. I knew he would be hiding.
He wants to hear the word Surprise.........
Another day rusing for dinner and getting ready to play with the kids. But i found time to blog in between now.
It was another boring day. Nothing new or creative or busy at work. Its so different from my last years job. Now i am not sure whether technology makes life easier or lazy ..............( sometimes technology is boring) ... Time for a break.
I heard a loud scream from Nate when i was typing the above.....It was Aish trying to pick up a paper and bite it... She is too small.. only 8 months. Nate had his Fire fighting training in school, so he experimented in saving Aish from Aish swallowing the paper....
So what is next with the kids........ I don't know.. Lets see... At least their was no phone ringing while i was typing except the kids........wooooooooh

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