Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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Another Day

Another sunshine day i believe. Crowd was less on the usual run because of tomorrows holiday. People are in a holiday mood. Office was almost empty when i entered.
What does this day count for me or for anybody. A time to think back and recollect the thoughts.
Slowly and relaxing. Do we have time to relax ?
Relaxation is not the process of doing nothing. Rather engaging in something else which is not your routine work and gives you peace of mind.
Lets try for a day or so and then it becomes part of the routine.
Watch how the days goes on. Its going to be sunny. Does that mean is your life and mind sunny. Lets check back later. In the meantime give some thoughts if possible backwards and gather the information. The lost, the good, the bad, the emptiness, unfulfilled dreams.......... Relax and you are their. Your mind is now already set for that. Try and you could do that.


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