Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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Want to write

I am in a mood of writing. What to write i am not sure. May be i am interested to type. Let me figure out what it is . But do i have time. I have to figure it out. What reason am i writing ? Let me explore.
NPR radio brought in some insight about war writers and that touched my mind / heart to think about writing, which was always their back in my mind / heart. What kind of writing. Let me figure it out. Stories to tell or should i add fiction or it should be some notes. or historic background with cultures included. I will try to the maximum where it takes me. This is the first real try on start writing.
We all do have stories all around us all the time. But are we collecting it to be told. We all missed a lot to be told to this and comming generation. I don't want to loose that opportunity anymore. Every minute we have some part of the story to be told. And everthing is unique to be told. Some may have some similarities. But we can draw lot of good or bad lessons and information from this strories. Aren't we curious about stories thats not being told so far. Think a moment the pain and effort taken in olden ages where stories where written or drawn on rocks when their was no pen or paper. Does that inspire us all. It inspires me. Let me do it from today onwards atleast hereafter not missing any more stories of day to day life . Add some spice to it and you have the fiction along with hard facts.
Jumping on it now................


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